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Healthy Infrastructure comes from a belief that healthier, safer, more sustainable infrastructure solutions do exist. Environmental challenges are multi-pronged and require a holistic approach we are willing to take with our clients.

By utilizing cross-sector technology and actionable ingenuity, we bring innovative solutions to life for architects, planners, owners, and individuals committed to decarbonizing our transportation networks and building better communities.
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We aim to inspire and collaborate with others to make sustainable infrastructure the standard.
As catalysts in our field, we're committed to promoting solutions that integrate sustainability, well-being, and safety into every aspect of infrastructure advancement, drawing from our extensive experience in the field.
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We are a dedicated group of passionate humans who know possibilities become reality when we set big goals and collaborate. Experienced in engineered construction solutions, we know our audience and continue to listen. We unite with the sharpest minds in their field through partnerships yielding an incredible force.

Being part of this dynamic crew, innovation isn't just a word – it's in our nature!
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A double-walled noise barrier that directly addresses NOx and VOC's directly by decomposition. It addresses all pollutants by dispersion and GHG's indirectly, releasing cleaner air back into the environment. Use SmogStop to help combat air pollution concerns along any busy highway and roadway!

Solar Walls

Produce clean electricity using Photovoltaic Noise Barriers (PVNB). A solution that seamlessly integrates sound-mitigation of conventional noise barriers with the advantages of solar energy generation.

Green Walls

A biodiverse and modular system, green living walls seamlessly integrate nature into traditional hardscape infrastructure, addressing carbon reduction, stormwater management, and heat island effects to name a few.
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