Solar wall by transit stop
Solar Noise Barriers – PVNB

Our active Photovoltaic Noise Barriers (PVNB) panels feature integrated solar technology that allow for seamless energy generation and noise mitigation without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Key Benefits

  • Energy Generation
  • Noise Mitigation
  • Architectural Aesthetic and Custom Graphics
  • Design & Application Versatility

Noise mitigation

Get the noise protection you trust.

Healthy Infrastructure’s PVNB is the natural evolution of noise barrier systems for the North American Infrastructure Market. Completely customizable to meet your design criteria and aesthetic requirements suitable for roadside and rail side use.

A render of a solar wall beside a road
A render of a solar wall with a multi-color finishes

Renewable Energy from an unconventional source.

Maximize every sustainability potential in the built environment.

PVNB’s provide an added benefit to conventional noise barriers with revolutionary clean energy generation that gives back to its community.

Project Type

Our PVNB’s are designed for ease of construction specifically tailored to your project requirements.

Colorful wall on bridge

New Build

PVNB’s provide noise mitigation and provide clean power back to the grid.

Solar wall by community


Upgrade existing noise walls with PVNB’s, to provide enhanced noise mitigation and solar energy generation.

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Design Options

Build revolutionary sustainable noise barriers.

There is no limit to the customization of our PVNB systems, through continuous patterns and a spectrum of colours.

Wood texture
Ash-Beige color block
Medium gray color block
Medium gray color block
Dark gray color block
Black marble texture
Marble texture
Light stone texture
Semi-opaque texture
PV pattern

and many more

Residential PVNBs used to mitigate traffic noise to neighboring communities, capable of powering nearby streetlights and traffic signs.
Rail transportation application of a PVNB offers a fusion of noise reduction and safety features along with energy generation capabilities.
Energy & Utilities PVNBs provide perimeter safety and security for utility substations while effortlessly contributing clean energy to your power grid.
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Healthy Infrastructure has partnered with a world leader in the green sector with over 20 years of manufacturing experience and the world’s largest BIPV manufacturer. Mitrex has made it its mission to encourage the adoption of sustainable energy through integrated solar technology. Mitrex firmly believes that sustainable manufacturing, procurement, and import practices are both economically viable and essential to creating a better future for humanity. They focus on research and development to advance solar technology and generate energy from any surface exposed to sunlight.

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