Man cycling past green living wall
Green Living Walls

Elevate any space with a Green Living Wall Solution.

Key Benefits

  • Easily integrated, narrow-footprint, modular systems
  • Create instant privacy and beautification
  • Support sustainability goals
  • Deter vandalism and graffiti

Achieve form + functionality

A living wall that can go anywhere.

These modular systems can be customized to the desired heights and widths needed, seamlessly introducing greenery into the most demanding urban environments. Healthy Infrastructure's Green Living Walls by Devron flourish in their surroundings, featuring plant varieties specifically selected for North American climates.

A render of a solar wall beside a road
A render of a solar wall with a wood finish

Find beauty in nature

Green living walls create sustainable landscapes.

Create a natural barrier between a parking lot or add instant landscaping to our noise barriers alongside roadways, commercial properties or a residential development. Our Green Living Wall provides a fully grown plant system with even coverage on both sides, making it a beautiful and non-obtrusive addition to your infrastructure projects.

Carbon Capture

Urban greening goes above and beyond the carbon-capturing abilities of a freshly planted tree. The dense leaf coverage of a green wall surpasses that of a tree, while utilizing less space.

Fine dust and air particles reduced by
up to 60%
3SQ ft of green wall removes
10 Billion
pollution causing air particles
*Measured after planting 2 months foliage increase over years of growth not considered in the air quality study providing exponential increases overtime.

Support biodiversity and healthy environments

Contribute to a healthier community.

Green living walls offer a multitude of benefits, fostering biodiversity by attracting birds and beneficial insects while supporting water diversion and aiding in stormwater management. Additionally plants assist with carbon capture and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

A render of a solar wall beside a road


Our Green Living Walls are ideal for transforming a variety of spaces from grey to green.

Green living wall in car parking lot

ICI Buildings

Integrate a GLW into any residential and commercial building spaces from parking lots to rooftops and beyond.

Man cycling past green wall

Pedestrian Pathways & public spaces

Add a touch of green to public parks, trail paths and other community spaces to create beauty and encourage biodiversity.

green living wall beside train tracks


From roadways to railways, GLWs provide the green landscaping you need with minimal effort to achieve sustainability goals on infrastructure projects.

A render of a solar wall with a wood finish

Plants & Design

The right plant needs the right soil.

A good foundation is essential for all plants. Depending on your geography and application, your optimal plant species will vary. The two plant species used in our GLWs are considered ‘Evergreen Ivy’ meaning they do not lose foliage in winter conditions maintaining coverage all year round, making them ideal for most of North America.

HEDERA HELIX “WOERNER” Much like a typical ‘snowbird’ this species can withstand cooler temperatures but prefers the warmth in southern regions.

HEDERA HELIX “THORNDALE” Our hardiest plant species that enjoys the cool temperatures of the north but can thrive in warmer locations as well.


Devron Sales Ltd

At Devron, we are committed to providing our valued customers with quality and innovative products such as our new Green Living Fences. Our wide range of products are related to the civil construction, drainage and environmental industries and are coupled with the most current technical information. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and relations through dedication, integrity, and professionalism.

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